Can I purchase the Collector's Edition Platinum Book and attend the Gala Legends Dinner if I do not live in India?

Yes, you can purchase the Collector's Edition Platinum Book from any anywhere in the world and attend the Gala Legends Dinner to be held at the ITC Hotel in Bangalore on the 29th of September 2017. 

Can I purchase the Collector's Edition Platinum Book and the Gala Legends Dinner ticket separately?

By purchasing a Collector's Edition Platinum Book, it will entitle you to one (1) ticket to gain entry to the Gala Legends Dinner and is inclusive in the purchase price of the book. 

Collector's Edition Platinum Book purchasers also have the option of purchasing up to two (2) additional tickets to the Gala Legends Dinner if they wish to bring guests with them at the VIP rate of INR 45,000 per ticket (normally INR 55,000 per ticket).

Note: Based on a priority waiting list, purchasers of the Collector's Edition Platinum Book may also be able to purchase third or fourth tickets, subject to availability - if you think you may want to bring more than one guest to the Gala Legends Dinner, then it is advised that immediately upon purchasing your book, you email us with your name plus the name(s) of your additional guests at: orders@22yards.com.au 

We will aim to notify you whether you have been successful by March 15th.

The Collector's Edition Platinum Book

How many copies of the Collector's Edition Platinum Book are available?

There are now less than 100 copies of the Collectors Edition Platinum Book being produced and offered for sale worldwide.

What do you mean by ‘interactive publication’?

We have provided an opportunity for Indian cricket fans to take home a piece of India’s proud Test cricket history, by creating a unique book that is interactive on two levels:

  1. We have included replica medals and never before seen collectable memorabilia from India’s Test legends that you can touch and feel.
  1. When you purchase our interactive publication you will be able to download a free Mobile App enabling you to scan certain photos throughout the book that will bring these pages to life, featuring never before seen interviews with India’s past cricket legends and in some instances match footage.

Where do I download your Mobile App from?

The 22 Yards Mobile App can be downloaded from both the Apple App store and Google Play store.

How were India’s Top Ten Defining Moments and Best XI Players selected?

Before selecting India’s Best XI Test Players, the judging panel (below) agreed on a judging criteria, including those players that had made an overall positive contribution towards advancing Indian Test cricket and a definition of, ‘what defines a defining moment’.

The judging panel applied the criteria to their selection.

The international judging panel consists of three Indian authorities and the publishing group from Australia, as follows:

  •             Rajender Amarnath, the books Author
  •             Rahul Dravid, the books Ambassador
  •             Sambit Bal, Editor and Chief South Asia, ESPNcricinfo
  •             The books publisher, 22 Yards Interactive Publishing

Is there a Certificate of Authenticity for the book?

Yes, each Collector's Edition Platinum Book comes with a numbered, hand signed Certificate of Authenticity

How do I get my photograph on the Wall of Honour?

At the time of ordering and paying for your Collector's Edition Platinum Book you will be asked to provide us with your contact details. If you wish to have your photo included in the book, you must provide us with your name and BOTH your email address and mobile phone number, including country code.

We will email you to organise receipt of your passport sized photo.

Note: All photos supplied must adhere to the following five criteria. Please ensure you follow these criteria, otherwise we will not be able to include your photo in our ‘Wall of Honour’.

  • Select the highest setting on your camera or phone
  • Image must be sent as a JPEG file attachment
  • File size – no less than 1MB
  • Head and shoulder photo similar to your passport photo and in focus
  • No scanned images will be included only original images

Can I purchase only the Collector's Edition Platinum Book without tickets to the Gala Legends Dinner?

No, you cannot purchase the Collector's Edition Platinum Book (only) without receiving a ticket to the Gala Legends Dinner. 

The Gala Legends Dinner

What is the date of the Gala Legends Dinner?

On the 29th of September 2017, where the Top 10 Defining Moments and India’s Best XI Players will be announced.

Where is the Gala Legends Dinner being held?

The Gala Legends Dinner will be held at the ITC Hotel in Bangalore. 

How many tickets are available to the Gala Legends Dinner?

There is one (1) ticket included with every Collector's Edition Platinum Book purchase. Each purchaser will have the option to purchase up to two (2) extra tickets to bring family members or friends to share this unique experience.

Can I purchase tickets to the Gala Legends Dinner without purchasing the   Collector's Edition Platinum Book?


How will I receive my tickets to the Gala Legends Dinner?

Tickets will be issued electronically closer to the event date.

I have friends and family that are purchasing the Collector's Edition Platinum Book, can I request that we are seated together?

Every effort will be made to ensure family and friends are seated at the same table or as close together as possible. Email your name and you request to: orders@22yards.com.au

Which former cricketers will be present at the Gala Legends Dinner?

Former Indian Test legends and other Test greats will be in attendance. Their names will be revealed closer to the Gala Legends Dinner.

Can I meet the former cricketers in person?

Only purchasers of the Collector's Edition Platinum Book (not their guest) will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the book’s Author and Ambassador. There will be opportunities to mingle with past legends.

Will the food be served buffet style?

As this is an exclusive event, premium table service will be provided. Fine food complimented by quality wines and beverages will be provided on the night.

Ordering & Payment

What are your payment options?

    Make your payment by online by credit card or debit card. 

      If you wish to pay using an alternative method, such as Bank Deposit, please email us at orders@22yards.com.au and we will contact you to discuss these options.

      When will I receive my copy of the Collector's Edition Platinum Book?

      We are excited to be including images from the Gala Legends Dinner. We will contact you approximately 14 days after the dinner to update you on when you will receive your copy of the Collector's Edition Platinum Book.

      Returns and Refunds and Policy

      How To Return An Item

      If your book is damaged in transit:

      • Send us a photo of the damaged book and a covering email stating how you discovered the book was damaged, at orders@22yards.com.au within 24 hours or receiving your book
      • We will review the photo and do an investigation with the courier company
      • If the damage was incurred in transit, we will organise a courier to pick up the book
      • We will replace the damaged book
      • We will not be responsible for any damage caused by the purchaser

      Otherwise, if you received your book in merchantable quality there is no return or refund.

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      What is your privacy policy?

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      What Information do we collect?

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      Who is 22 Yards Interactive Publishing?

      22 Yards Interactive Publishing is a cutting edge interactive media company. The team is spread across Australia and India and combines traditional print media with the best of modern digital media technology. We create unique, interactive publications that traverse multiple communication mediums. 

      Featuring International sporting teams and players, our high-quality, premium publications engage passionate sports fans, in a manner that evokes a deep seated passion and pride within them.

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      Who is ESPNcricinfo?

      ESPNcricinfo is the world’s leading cricket website and among the top five single-sport websites in the world.